Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Visitors,

Welcome to my new blog. Here's a little bit about myself:
  • Born and raised in the Chicago area
  • Avid Chicago sports fan, in particular the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and White Sox (if they're not playing the Cubs)
    • I'm an extremely jaded Cubs fan, and I disapprove about just about every move Jim Hendry has ever done. I believe he is one of the worst General Managers in the history of baseball given the large payroll and extremely questionable trades and free agent signings he's made.
  • Played college baseball in Chicago
    • Scouted by several MLB teams, with the Pittsburgh Pirates having the most interest
    • Blew out my shoulder and never pitched again
  • Pitching coach for 2 years at small NCAA Division II school
  • Pitching coach for NCAA summer league team
    • 2010 team made it to NBC World Series in Wichita, and placed 4th. 
  •  I have been a frequent guest writer and guest radio host for a few Chicago sports websites and blog sites
  • I conduct a lot of original research on stats in baseball. (I'm working on other sports, but this is my specialty obviously). 
    • With this research, I am able to predict a player's success (or lacktherof ) at the MLB level, and it has been highly accurate to date
  • I have connections to one MLB owner, and 2 GM's, and several player development people in a number of different organizations
  • I have thought about getting into scouting, so if any GM's are reading this and have openings, let me know... :)
  • At last count, I have at least 31 former teammates or opponents playing in MLB, and countless others playing in the minor leagues
    • I have kept in touch with a majority of them, and through this, I have valuable insight into how player relations work, and how political the game really is
Now...A couple ground-rules for this blog:
  1. No name-calling of other bloggers
  2. No swearing. If you want to drop the F-bomb or something else, I guess I'm okay with you putting asterisks, etc. in the word (Ex: f$##k)
  3. No talking about soccer, golf, NASCAR, or any lesser sports. If you want to talk about MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, I'm fine with that...just don't expect me to comment much on NHL, as I am not an avid hockey fan at all.
Welcome! Now, let's start talking Chicago Sports

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